Just a small introduction..

Hey Guys! Welcome to my brand new blog! If you’ve been directed here, it means that somehow, YOU are interested in gaming…or shopping…and all of this for free! With this blog I’ll help you get all of these prizes just like I did…I’ve already redeemed a Code for an online game worth $10!!!

The website you’re going to subscribe at is PrizeRebel. Just click on this banner and subscribe for the website!

With this website you’ll be able to get about anything for free! Xbox Monthly Subscriptions, PSN Cards, Maplestory NX Cash, LoL Cards, And even Gift Cards for Amazon, eBay or absolutely anything! You can even have a Paypal Cashout when you hit the $5 Mark!


First Post :)

Done Subscribing? Great! Now you can Get Started on getting free stuff!
Just remember that when you subcribe for PrizeRebel, remember to put your real address and all that, The website will never spam you! If you don’t put the right address, then you wouldn’t be able to get your prizes delivered!

How this actually works is pretty simple, you fill in some offers and the promoters reward you with points, which are equal to $…like 0,20 Points would be equal to 20cents..
And to prove that this really works, here’s a banner showing my earnings so far 🙂

Prize Rebel

How to complete an offer!

Now we can really get started on how you’ll be getting points, Offer Completion!

First Off I’ll lay you some basic rules on offers completion:

  •  Never Use your Real Email Address!!!!![Yes with 5 Exclamation Points]

The main reason for this is that, these offers will spam, A LOT. So it would be a total shame wasting your main email address. Just make some email address just for the purpose of offers completion, on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, any of these popular mail servers.

  •  Do not use your Real Home Address either! These companies will spam your real mailbox too hahaha! Just take an address not too far from your house and make sure no one lives there so they won’t be spammed.
  • Always clear your cookies before completing offers!  You’ll have a higher chance of getting credited for the offer you’re doing.

Okay first of I’ll be explaining the normal “Offers”, I’ll be explaining the other ways of getting points later.
Now that you’ve logged on your PR Account, Click on “Get Points”  and “Complete Offers” just like shown in the picture below

Now remember, Don’t do the cellphone offers, even though they reward a lot of points, they also charge you on your cellphone, so unless you want to be charged…do not do those. The download offers are also very risky, they may contain viruses, so don’t do them either 😛

Now for example, I’ll be completing this offer.

Click on the offer,

Now fill this with your details, Remember to put the email you made for offer completion and not the real one!

Then, Keep on clicking on the ” Next Or “Skip” Button Until you reach something called the “Final Pages” Where they will tell you that you’ve succesfully registered or subscribed. All you have to do is wait around5 minutes and TaDA, you will be credited for doing that :D!

Now that you know how to complete normal offers, you can also complete External Offers, which is basically the same thing, except it’s provided by other companies, however it works the same way. You earn coins, and coins convert into points ! 😀 50 coins makes 0,25 points 😀

Look at how many points I’ve gained~!

Last but not last are Daily Task, Well these are pretty new and really self explanatory, You just do some basic stuff like, googling some addresses, and companies reward you for that. Isn’t that great?
All you have to do is click on “Complete Offers” and “Daily Tasks” They will guide you very precisely and you’ll be able to gain points in no time!

Remember to Refer your friends to the site too! They can help you earn a lot of points!!!

The Fun Part, Prize Reedeeming!

Once you gather enough points, you’ll be able to redeem them for the “free stuff” I’ve been talking about since the beggining!
Just click on Prizes 🙂

Just browse through the thousand of pages of Free stuff, you can also have a Paypal Cashout, however you need to have at least $5 in order to do so.
I’ve already redeemed one prize there, it was a 10$ UGC Card, Which basically is a code to earn free stuff in game, Codes for games are basically processed within 2-3 Days. I would guess it’s the same for the other stuff too

As for me, my work here is done, I hope you all liked my blog and I hope I have convinced you to Join this fantastic website that has helped me earn a free Game Code that normally costs $10…
One last time, here’s the link to sign up, Thank you for all the people that signed up.
Timmy Signing Out.